Many professionals in the field consider the success of projects directly related to luck and chance. However in our philosophy of project management we see it as an art which tries hard to minimize the effect of luck through the development of serious and accurate risk management plans in addition to control criteria such as: quality control, cost control, time control , safety control, value management & others
which all work interdependently not only to minimize any threats arising from risks, but trying to transform these risks into opportunities. 
We also try to understand the success of projects not only from a mere project management eye but also make effort to visualize success from the perspectives of various stakeholders; the client, the user, the neighbor, the operator, the society and others.​
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Pre project Planning
Market study
Feasibility analysis
Risk Analysis
        Project Planning
        Budget Estimates
        Safety Planning
        Quality Planning 

Project Management
Cost Control
Quality Control
Time Control
Risk Management
Value Management
Safety Management
Project Management Services