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Al Hadi Building Entrance

Al Marwa Building Entrance


Bahbahani Apartment
Bahbahani Apartment


IBDAA for Engineering Consultancy and Contracting has the pleasure to apply for the tender under consideration.  Due to the fact that we see ourselves as strong candidates for such work having specifically gathered experience in the subject matter of the tender. i.e “ Refurbishment of sensitive buildings  “. After experience, such kind of work requires special attention due to the variety of risks, nature of work and design philosophy which is totally different from any other design exercise. In addition to being part of a developing country which has previously experienced war. We luckily had the chance to be extensively exposed to renovation projects involving critical issues such as structural integrity, concrete repair, safety of buildings, and many others. In addition when resources are low like the case of our country Lebanon the, the government, NGO’s and private parties resolve greatly to the choice of refurbishment, repair and reconstruction as a cheaper alternative for totally new construction. Thus we pride ourselves as having extensive experience in this field and as noted later in the profile, specifically in fields related to sensitive buildings. 
On the other hand our adoption for modern management tools have made us one of the well reputed companies in the field with our clients ranging between national organizations such as the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission to international agencies such as the IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

Major Renovation Works 

- Dalia & Ahmad Roof Apartment - Saida
- TOF SIMS LAB - Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission
- Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission Building Entrance
- Al Marwa Building Entrance
- Al Hadi Building Entrance
- Bahbahani Apartment - Bhamdoun
- Sleiman Apartment - Beirut