Saida Modern School was a unique project undertaken by IBDAA. The company was assigned to perform the architectural design of the school in addition to the complete management of the project starting from the pre-project planning phases including; feasibility analysis, budgeting, value engineering, risk management  and others.  The architecture concept of the project was fused with and born from the distinctive philosophy of the school promoting learn through play and experience, teachning through modern techniques, respecting the environment, integrating the special learners within society and others. In addition to the above the land topography and site conditions were also integral parts out of which the architectural concept was derived. 
General concept:
The school divided into two main blocks; the lower cycles and the medium and higher cycles circulates around a main axis physically drawn as a walk way passage aligned with greenery landscape and seating spaces and interrupted occasionally by stairs and piazzas. Allowing the students to socialize and intermingle within a long walking pathway reminding of the vibrant conriche and piazzas experience from Lebanon and major touristic cities in the world like London and Paris. Conceptually speaking the path is represented as the path of career, development, and look towards the future especially that the path elevates as one goes deeper and reaches higher classes. Children in lower cycles  will always have  the curiosity to go up the path to reach the higher classes and eventually into life.
The design rotates  deals carefully with the so called negative vs positive spaces. Instead of being left over spaces, corridors, passages, stairs, light wells or others. These spaces have been carefully designed to be become vibrant social spaces providing the school staff with plenty of different settings suitable for extra curricular activities or even for teaching outside the class.
Nature and building green were carefully taken into consideration through inexpensive techniques such as maximizing the green landscaped areas through exploiting the roof or through introducing vertical greenery elements climbing the interior facades of the buildings.
Ordered chaos was the title given to the facades of the buildings. Same as each student has his/her own background, mentality, capabilities and others all interacting and enriching one unified system. Also do the facades of the buildings have windows of different sizes and shapes allowing for a richer & dynamic light, view and air penetration adding to the value of the classes and school.
Saida Modern School
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