Design Concept: 
Area Description: 

Plot 3348 lies in a relatively calm area of Sioufi/Ashrafieh, categorized by an old neighborhood being transformed gradually into a high end residential building district due to the dramatic increase in land prices. The old neighborhood represents a socio-architectural sample of old Ashrafieh, which is very well known for its heritage in stair alleys. These are surrounded by gardens that have perfectly developed through ages to carve the picturesque urban landscapes, which are becoming extinct with time. These landscaped zones have nurtured as a reflection of the natural topography of the land, in addition to the sociological need of the inhabitants for breathing spaces. It is evident that these breathing lungs have represented and enforced the inhabitants social life & activities(drinking coffee, playing cards, socializing and many other activities)

1-A sample of the socio/urban culture of the neighborhood
2-Irregular Patterns
3-Regular Patterns

Concept in Brief:
The project basically revives and revolves  around the three main factors; levels/stairs, landscape/breathing/social spaces , and rhythm. Thus the project tries to come up with a high end residential building concept based on, and blended with, the socio-architectural character of the neighborhood. In architectural words we have proposed two concepts both based on multi level apartments either as in option 1 duplex or option 2 triplex +. In both scenarios the social breathing space is integrated in the form of an outdoor garden viewed from several locations of the house. Not only allowing for a social space for the family but also providing each apartment with a private garden, something which Lebanese in general and Beirut inhabitants in particular are missing with time. On the other hand the rhythm in Sioufi area could be easily categorized into two forms: The regular rhythm and the irregular rhythm, both witnessed in the distribution of stairs, protrusion of walls, volume patterns and others. These elements will be seen in a multiple of locations through-out the design process to mention some these patterns are resembled within the façade of the building which plays on the effect of regular versus irregular patterns in contrast to most modern developments in the area.

Elevation Alternatives for the Regular Pattern Facades
A major element in the design of the building shall be the materials chosen and patterns for the East and North Façade, whether with the regular pattern facades or with the irregular pattern facades.  Cladding material could be either chosen from the mass produced market or taken to an extreme of custom fabrication according to the client’s choice. Materials could range between (aluminum, rusty metal, ceramic, resin, glass, or other contemporary material meeting the requirements of the design and environmental factors).

Sioufi Building
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